Don’t Trust the Process: A Call Against Electoralism

The Biden campaign may parade itself as the campaign against the evils of the Trump regime, but it is no friend of the revolution.

We have arrived at the culmination of another heated and much-contested electoral cycle in the United States of America. With a little more than two days to go before the polls close, the 2020 election will be a tight race regardless of who wins. This election is argued by many as an election for the soul of America. Joe Biden is running against the man who is perhaps the most dangerous and most actively hated president in American history. Donald Trump has spent his term as President pushing the United States closer and closer to the precipice of full fascism. Trump is the result of every evil impulse and action taken in the name of America. His regime has empowered the rise of dangerous extremists hell-bent on creating a fascistic nation. Democrats have spent years decrying the evils of the Trump administration. They disavow his followers and the waves of dangerous rhetoric he produces. It seems, at first glance, as if the Democratic party is the party against fascism. Except, this isn’t the case.

I have said this before, and I will say it again: Donald Trump is not an anomaly. He is the product of a history that predates him and will certainly succeed him. A nation does not simply fall into fascism. America has always been on this path. America is a nation founded upon imperialism, white-supremacy, and a corrupt capitalist state.

The anti-Soviet, America-first propaganda of the Cold War creates a superiority complex in the American mind. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars are the results of America’s “manifest destiny” and belief in their need to dominate the globe. The War on Drugs, started by Richard Nixon and propagated by every President since, was created with the singular purpose of giving the American state power to vilify and demonize the Black community and Left-wing political movements. Don’t believe me? This is Nixon’s own aide admitting to it:

“We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin. And then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders. raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”

The American regime has always been pushing towards a fascist state. Conservative politicians are, of course, leading the charge. With their open embrace of totalitarian tactics and a political philosophy defined by palingenetic ultranationalism, conservatives are pushing for the continuation of the fascist American regime. Conservatives will say that they are simply moderates wanting change but trying to change slowly over time. The opposite is the truth. Conservative politicians are the greatest threat to human rights and human dignity. They are evil incarnate: ghouls leaching on the souls of the weak to propagate their own diabolical agendas.

But the American descent into fascism is not purely the result of the conservative mindset. The Democratic establishment and liberal politicians are just as dangerous as their Republican, conservative counterparts. Note that every President after Nixon continued his war on drugs. Every single one. The Democrats included. Obama, a hero in many people’s eyes, escalated the wars in the Middle East and was the president to establish the ICE Concentration Camps so often attributed to the Trump administration. The Democrats are fundamentally liars. Republicans lie far less than Democrats do. Republicans are honest about their wicked intentions. The Democrats hide behind a false veil of progressive politics in order to take advantage of Americans.

The veil is so blatantly obvious, it is a marvel that most Americans do not see through it. The Democratic party does not care about the people. It is, to quote Bernie Sanders, “a part of coastal elites.” They do not care for the rights of workers, nor the liberation of the oppressed, nor the salvation of the poor from capitalism. They view the revolution as nothing more than a few overzealous teenagers rather than a hunger for justice.

Liberal politicians will never be on the side of the oppressed and, when the winds of change begin to sweep across the land, the liberals will always side with the oppressors because they have more to lose to a revolution than to the evils of the conservative. Cut a liberal and a fascist bleeds. It is Sanders’ recent Presidential campaign that serves as the perfect illustration of this cowardly, counter-revolutionary behaviour in the minds of the liberal bourgeoisie.

Despite Sanders having the strongest base of supporters and despite him consistently polling better than any other Democratic candidate against Trump, his campaign was overthrown by the inner workings of the DNC because even Sanders’ simple reformist agenda, his non-radical, non-revolutionary agenda, was more of a threat to the Democratic party than another term of the Trump administration. The Democratic establishment does not believe in the progress it preaches.

Examine the mainstream stances on health care, climate change, and economic justice within the party. With the exception of a few notable progressive social-democrats in office, Sanders among them, the average Democrat does not believe in comprehensive health care, they will not support strong action against climate change (see Biden’s stance on fracking), and they will not support any serious action against economic injustice in America. And, to top it all off, their stance of foreign policy is as imperialistic as the Republican stance.

And yet, despite all of this, Joe Biden stills stands as being in the moral right when opposed to the horrors of the Trump regime. Biden, a man who has spent his entire career pushing the Democrats towards the right, stands in direct opposition to the most villainous of presidents. No matter how you spin the story, Biden pales in comparison to the despicable nature of President Trump and his lackeys. Biden is not a fascist. Donald Trump is. Many will argue against me on this point. They see the word ‘fascist’ as being an exaggeration in order to make Trump appear worse than he actually is. I do not exaggerate and I mean everything associated with the word fascist. While the Trump regime has yet to engage in the atrocities associated with past fascist regimes, their sympathy towards the far-right makes the entire administration sympathizers and collaborators at best. What is the difference between a fascist and someone who enables fascism?

Biden is not a fascist. I cannot believe the bar is that low, but that is where we find ourselves today. Biden is a painfully pragmatic, corrupt, imperialist, neoliberal shill, but he is not a fascist. He will not irreversibly ruin the state of American politics for decades to come. The left can redeem a Biden administration whereas we have no hope of redeeming another Trump term.

As we enter the final days of the electoral cycle, do not pretend for a moment that a possible victory for Biden is a true victory against American fascism. Far from it. It is but one small step backwards out of the gaping jaws of death. Biden is no more a friend of the revolution than Donald Trump is. If you are an American citizen, support Joe Biden for he is not nearly as fundamentally evil as his opponent, but we cannot pretend that he is a friend. The Obama administration, the administration he served most famously under, pushed back as hard against the Standing Rock protestors as the Trump administration has pushed back against Black Lives Matter protestors. The revolution must continue regardless.

Do not surrender your anger. Do not surrender your passion. Do not trust the process of electoralism. The bourgeoisie class is in control of both parties therefore both parties are the enemies of the proletariat. Take no breath nor pause. Fight against the evils of the American regime no matter the president.



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